Young Rewired State

Young Rewired State is what we live for.

Our philanthropic arm, Young Rewired State is a network of developers under 18. Our primary focus is to find, nurture and support these children and young people who are driven to teach themselves to code, and to learn about the programmable world around them. We want to show them that coding does not have to be isolating – there’s a thriving community of friends and like-minded young people ready and willing to share, support and inspire this new generation of talent.

We seek out these people and mentor them, primarily through a week-long hack event in the first week of August. Small and large businesses from around the country act as hosts to local young people, along with YRS alumni, Rewired State mentors and other volunteers.

A challenge is set to build digital products for mobile and web, using at least one piece of open data.

At the end of the week everyone piles on coaches, trains and cars for the finale – the festival of code – for a night of camp and code, pizza and camaraderie. On the final afternoon, they will show what they have made to an audience of their peers, press, government and industry. Prizes are awarded. Lives are changed.

Once they become part of this growing network of young UK developers, they forge new friendships, find new mentors and even create businesses. And no-one is left coding in their bedroom, feeling alone. Many YRS alumni return year after year to teach and mentor younger developers, helping them understand what the week is about and how to get the best from the experience, and welcoming them to the developer community.

Young Rewired State exists through the financial generosity of its sponsors and the energy and efforts of its wonderful volunteers. Find out more at, or contact us if you’d like to be part of the next festival of code.