Who we are

Emma Mulqueeny

Emma is director and co-founder of Rewired State. She is one of Britain’s leading digital communication strategists and developers.

She has spent much of the last decade successfully crafting transformational digital initiatives, at senior levels, across the British Government and in the States; now focusing on building Rewired State and Young Rewired State.

Reinforcing this work is her track record as a serial entrepreneur described by Britain’s first Digital Tom Watson MP, as “simply extraordinary” and Wired UK cast her as one of the top ten most influential people in open data, given the grand title of Transparency Activist.

Emma is on Twitter as @hubmum

Adam McGreggor

Adam is Rewired State’s Ops chap.

He is a technologist, who’s been fiddling with networks, and internet backends, for about 15 years; a project manager; a strategist; an antiquarian, and far too many other things. He collaborated in producing possibly the first group-effort government consultation response with Stand, later helping to keep FaxYourMP alive, keeping involved in mySociety; co-founding No2ID, and the Open Rights Group. Adam keeps trying to remember mod_perl (or C — not that his C is any good) is not how websites are written these days ;o).

Adam’s involved in the Internet and Parliament and Internet Governance Forum, amongst other things, and sits on The HM Government (Shadow) Data Standards Panel.

An infrequent blogger, Adam’s worked in quite a few places, both public and private sectors, not always in tech roles. Adam escapes from it all by causing trouble, going to gigs, drinking gin and beer, and doing “hippy stuff” in Nevada (when time & tickets permit) and Zaragosa.

He’s on twitter as @adamamyl

Tony Burge

A newbie member of the team, with a flair for direction ahead of its time, promoting growth and prosperity to advanced levels.

Tony is an entrepreneur extraordinaire overseeing all TV and media marketing of the company, and is creatively experienced in all aspects of managing projects worldwide bringing new business and ideas to the table.

With many years experience, knowledge, expertise and basically in-the-know when it comes to direct marketing with high profile blue chip companies.

Emeriti RSers

  • James Darling
  • John Bevan
  • Richard Pope