What we do

Rewired State run hack days.

We have dedicated a whole page to answer the cry: What is a hack day?

Hack days can be useful in the following instances:

  • as a part of research and development (R&D)
  • if you are thinking of releasing some data and want to see what developers might do with it
  • if you have released some data or launched an API and developers are not engaging with it

What else can Rewired State do?

Sometimes people want a hack day but their data is either in a mess, inconsistent, or they don’t know where to find it.

In these cases we may:

  • prepare or find the data for the hack day
  • advise on API build
  • cleanse data — freeing data from PDFs (and other formats) and turning into something that’s machine readable (so cool stuff can be built)

We work with clients to understand what they need to do in order to have data that developers can work with by:

  • advising on best practice
  • getting and keeping data in order and usable
  • increasing the malleablity and value of data

We are also whizzes at making tea, playing with (retro) gadgets (including soda streams) and finding really excellent 404 designs.

We do not

  • We do not take IP from the developer
  • We do not take anything beyond the working prototype stage, but will introduce the prototype developer to the client should there be interest
  • We are not agents for developers, please do not ask us for developers’ contact details or to pimp your job


Do Rewired State hack days cost money to commission? Yes

We also run (currently) two sponsored events during the year: National Hack the Government Day and Young Rewired State — with a view to adding a third to our stable, currently titled Rewired Stately (details to be announced).