What we do

Smart Data

Much of the data held by organisations is a mess, imagine a library where every book has been thrown to the ground, and all the pages have been ripped out and scattered. That’s the reality. Digital services and products built on such data is destined to fail, or become prohibitively expensive. Messy data is a big risk. We order and standardise the data to make it easily searchable and retrievable.

Design Disruption

Innovation for innovation’s sake is risky. We design disruption around reality, create new products and services that can pivot fast. This can only be achieved once the horizon has been mapped and compliance, regulation and known behaviour has been taken into consideration. We begin there: tell us what you know, after that we begin to weave the magic.

Expert Consultancy

As the data and digital renaissance moves at relative lightning speed, our senior staff and networks use their connections and research to keep up with industry pivots and trends. Drawing on experience of the digital marketplace we are uniquely placed to provide targeted and discreet insight into what to take notice of and what is likely to fall away. Traditional consultancy matches this insight with your organisation to create responsible and scalable digital strategies.

Stack Innovation

We began with running hack days for specific challenges or data sets, to realise the potential and remove fear of the unknown. The unique Rewired State methodology has been developed since 2009 into stack innovation, applying the hacker ethos to development but knowing how to bring the talent into the room, set the right environment and then iterate with stakeholders through to product.