Rewired State and their developers use their excellent understanding of technology, business, government and humour to highlight a particular problem. Using disruptive techology they find a number of solutions over an intense 12-24 hour period, quelling the belief that the problem is unsolvable or too expensive to address. Rewired State offer an imaginative - but able to withstand scrutiny - approach to the tricky problems associated with data that we all have. Highly recommended.

Martha Lane Fox, UK Digital Champion at UK Govt, Non Executive Director at Marks and Spencer, Founder and Chairman at Antigone, Non Executive Director at mydeco.com, Non Executive Director at Channel 4, Chairman at Lucky Voice


Rewired State has transformed our relationships with data, with developers and with the public. Rewired State has proven that an agile, community based approach can deliver better IT solutions and online services. In just 2 short years Rewired State has gone from being a provocation to being a core partner.

Mark O’Neill, CIO at DCLG & DCMS, Founder at UK Government “Skunkworks”


We’ve met some fabulous devs at Rewired State, and we wouldn’t be the same without that shared learning. We love’em. Rewired State has taken us places we wouldn’t have got, in front of people we’d never have met without them. There just isn’t a better advocate for SMEs in government IT procurement.



Working with Rewired State stimulated us to think about new ways in which government data can be used – and inspired us to put even more data ‘out there’. Keep up the good work!

Helen Kilpatrick, Transparency Champion at the Home Office


Our ambition is to make the UK the most transparent government in the world and through this to help stimulate economic growth and build the Big Society. Getting there isn’t easy which is why releasing data and involving the developer community is so critical for us. So I would like to thank both the Home Office for continuing to push the power of their crime data, and to Emma Mulqueeny  & Rewired State for their continued passion in the developer space and for their inspirational hack days. We hope this activity will help to drive us forward.

Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office