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Rewired Health applies the analytics and data expertise of Rewiredstate to the specific challenges facing health and social care.

Led by an experienced and committed team our mission is to help healthcare organisations better interpret the data they hold.

We are building a portfolio of smart data services that will help providers and commissioners:

  • Improve population health
  • Reduce the cost of service delivery
  • Improve patient outcomes, safety and satisfaction

Products and Services

Much of the data held by organisations is a mess and this is particularly so for health and social care. Burdened by legacy technology, repeated organisational change and data security constraints this sector has some unique informatics challenges. And yet it is also one of the most data rich environments.

The ability to put ‘decision useful’ information in the hands of the right people can be transformational in terms of healthcare outcomes. Rewired has decades of experience at making sense of the mess. We are applying this expertise and methodology to health and social care clients.

Our priority is mental health, and our R & D investment is focused on helping to reduce suicide rates.  There are over 6000 suicides per year in UK and it is the single biggest cause of death among men under the age of 45.

Beyond the human tragedy, the cost of each suicide costs is estimated at £1.7m. Mental health represents approximately 25% of the NHS burden of disease and yet only attracts 11% of the budget.
Mental health therefore must achieve more with less. We believe that smart data matched with smart algorithms can help deliver this.


The Team

Emma Mulqueeny OBE
I am an entrepreneur with a passion for building tangible, open networks for positive change through technology. As a director, co-founder and crafter of transformational digital companies and initiatives, I mostly curate and stimulate developer led R&D around open data, digital platforms and software developers.

Sean Murphy

A driven innovator with a passion for solving healthcare challenges based on the practical application of technology. Sean brings a diverse set of skills and experience to the Rewired Health team. His background spans the media, healthcare and academic sectors and includes large corporates, entrepreneurial start-ups and consultancy.  


Daniel Taylor

Dan is an experienced company director with strong commercial acumen and proven leadership skills. He has deep relationships and knowledge of the UK and international healthcare sector. For the last ten years Dan has held leadership positions in three successful health technology companies.


Joe Clark
Commercial Business Leader with a consistent record of success across traditional, digital and data rich businesses. Joe brings a deep understanding of the value that smart data can bring, having spent his career enabling organisations through a focused understanding of their customers.


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1st Mental Health Event 14-15th Jan 2017

Press release here



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