Adds a button to your (mobile) browser for instant mapping,reference material and public data. Only extracts data related to the web page, e.g. news story, in the browser.






We spent Saturday trying out all sorts of APIs such Yahoo Pipes and Google Geocoding but in the end went with an API still in Alpha from Israeli startup Semantinet. See http://blog.headup.com/2011/02/visualize-locations-mined-from-the-latest-news/

The Headup API does the hard work of scanning a news article and finding all the place names in the text and geocoding them. From this we generate a map from Ovi maps, lookup the country code using Geonames API and then extract World Bank programme data and link to the World Bank website. Plus a link to relevant Wikipedia articles.

The glue to make all this work from a web bookmark was Javascript and JSONP in the browser, C++ and Qt for the mobile app. On the server we used Python and PHP.

Ideas for taking this project forward

Share the concept, share the code, let the users of the WWW add this feature if the want it.

Customise for public data providers - interactive graphs maps and more to bring public data alive.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Almost zero, it's a meme. But... web services are needed to do the hard work. For the demo we used a service from Headup still in Alpha testing. Headup identifies location names in text and geotags them. Ovi maps generates static images showing a map of these locations. Simples!

About the data used for this project

We tested the idea with Ovi maps, DBpedia, and World Bank data.

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