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Concept/Front End: The idea behind the get online booth is to get clubs and societies and the like to set up a booth in their premisses and encourage their members to find out where to get online by themselves. The website consists of three template pages; a first setup page for the club to set up their booth and tailor it to their specific interests, a second page for the user to fill in which requires the user's name, postcode and what they are interested in learning, and a final page which displays the user's nearest online centre based upon their postcode, the centre's opening times, the centre's contact details with the option to print out these details. The form the user fills in feeds back to their nearest online centre via email and notifies their staff of the user's name, hobby, what they are interested in learning and the club or society that referred them so that when the user arrives, the centre knows who they are and what they are interested in learning so that the whole process of getting online can be made faster and more personal. This scheme could also be incentivised with offerings of funding and equipment for clubs referring their members to online centres.

Ideas for taking this project forward

This project could be taken forward relatively easily since the responsibility is placed upon the club itself to set up its own booth and refer its members

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

N/A or dependant on incentive scheme

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The UkOnline Online Centres database

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