UK Business Portal


Website that allows you create your business profile and have it suggest events, contacts, competitors, like minded people and advisors tailored to your business.

Functionality of this portal

create your own business profile * government businesses can centralise their events onto this system * a user can customise their own calendar * a user can share the events they are visiting - “mutual networking”

Why was this hack created?

  • no sensible places to find the data
  • no websites that allow you to share events using Social Media
  • no websites that allow you to have a bespoke profile
  • hardly any websites that allow you to extract data and use it without paying.

Ideas for taking this project forward

Finalise site. Implement new functionality

Estimated costs for taking this project forward


About the data used for this project

Excel documents extracted from the BusinessLink website.

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Twitter: @stemount

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Rewired State: DotGovLabs

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