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A compost matchmaking app, bringing together people who don't have a garden and don't want to landfill their kitchen waste, with people who have a compost bin or allotment and want all the peelings they can get.


  • Reduces the environmental impact of landfill and incineration
  • Reduces the cost to councils for waste management
  • Increases social collisions and community between neighbours, and
  • Supports healthy lifestyles by making it easier for those without gardens to connect with growers and their allotments.

More food, less waste.

Ideas for taking this project forward

  • Activity feeds from allotments, and users (e.g. growers may need help digging, or have surplus fruit & veg).
  • Setup conversational communications via email and SMS.
  • Add optional map layers for council projects related to food waste disposal, e.g. council recycling services.
  • Collect data and display analytics showing how much waste has been saved from landfill, on a regional level.
  • Add guides for getting started with composting, recycling and sustainability.
  • Embeddable widget that can be added to third party websites.
  • TouchyPeely API for integrating into other services, e.g. Landshare
  • Make a space for local businesses to micro-sponsor TouchyPeely and have their conpany logo visible when the map displays their area.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

£10,000 would get us a stable first version of the website online and ready for the public to use.

Larger amounts would let us work on the additional interesting features.

About the data used for this project

User generated content.

Tech stack: Node.js, Express.js, TxtLocal API, MongoDB, LeafletJS, Open Street Map, Google geocoding API.

We would like to collect data on the volume of organic waste saved from landfill, on a council by council basis. We'd also like to integrate related mapping layers, e.g. for council recycling stations, ecological services and businesses.

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Twitter: @premasagar @a_fiore @ac94 @georgebashi

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