Checklists are a common element across many different government sites, and so are service locators. This project glues them together into an interactive todo list type thing.

Contributers to this project:

  • George Brocklehurst
  • Tom Lea
  • Tom ten Thij

Ideas for taking this project forward

Currently the usefulness is not demonstrated in it's full glory: the fact that fields you fill in are stored and shared between widgets will become a lot more useful when there are more lists and widgets sharing the same data.

It would be good to have more lists. We have only implemented 2 widgets at the moment, although a generator is in place to create new ones really easily.

There are some bits and bobs that still need to be done, there is a TODO file in the repository.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

  • Costs for licensing postcode data
  • Hosting costs depend on amount of traffic (currently free)
  • Using the current functionality as a prototype for a real application that could be deployed on an official site: 2 week iteration for 2 devs: ~£10000
  • Any license fees for data used?
  • Legal fees, registering for data protection act: ?
  • Development cost for building more widgets, integrating with data that is available but not in a useful format

About the data used for this project

An essential use of the application is to find a location based on postcode. Because the Royal Mail owns the UK's postcode data this is currently not possible to do legally at a price that is affordable for small or user generated applications. This situation is blocking many forms of innovation in the UK. The government has shown to not understand the real implications of this issue in their response to an online petition about this. To read more and find out how to help take action, please visit the Ernest Marples blog

The find a GP widget uses a project that Tom Lea did for an earlier Rewired State event which exposes NHS data as a webservice.

The registry office widget uses another project at this DotGovLabs event by Richard Boulton: Registry office locator.

There is a lot of useful data out there that is not easily available for other web applications to use.

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Rewired State: DotGovLabs

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