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Trying to make crowd sourced geo contributions easier, to both administer and contribute too. This project uses bluevia APIs to allow users to simply text a message and have it plotted on a map.

The idea is that SMS is universal - whereas GPS etc is smartphone only. Also by not trying to determine location from the message body, or having the users have to supply some form of location specifier makes it easier to gather data.

Using google docs, specifically fusion tables, gives a really simple access point for managing data. Fusion tables plug straight into google earth/maps. It also makes it fantastically easy to share / collaborate on managing the data.

Bluevia apis are OAuth so users can opt in/out of the service.

This allows quick crisis response where everyone can easily contribute to plotting incidents.

Ideas for taking this project forward

Using MMS so messages can contain images of incidents being reported.

Also bulk authorisation of phone numbers, to allow all users on a given network to be opted in for a period to get as many people as possible involved. An admin console for this to remove people, block people etc would be a prerequisite.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Unsure of SMS/MMS bluevia costs. Guess users pay. Not sure what the setup cost is.

Infrastructure costs are 0, only paying for usage on appengine.

Developer time required: - Migrate bluevia OAuth api to appengine compliant. - Finish user signup process. - Making production ready.

Probably a 2 week sprint to whip it up into some sort of deployable state.

Not very expensive!

About the data used for this project

No data used. Crowdsourced app.

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