The Bump Game


The Bump Game is a cooperative two-player trivia game designed to help newly expectant parents and their birth partners learn about the mass of medical, legal, and logistical information they need to know throughout pregnancy.

Throughout the game, players race their ‘bump’ as they answer questions about pregnancy and birth. The goal of the game is to reach the end of the board more quickly than the Bump. The more questions players answer correctly, the faster they move through the board — and the more they learn about getting the care that’s right for them.

The game is humorous and designed to give expecting parents a first look at the sort of things they'll need to think about, decide and do before the baby arrives.

The game is personalized to each set of players, so that the game cards contain localized, relevant information. Each card also contain URLs and QR codes to websites with more information about that card's topic. The Bump Game can be played as a physical board game, which can be downloaded and printed, or as a Facebook game.

The presentation for DotGovLabs is here. The rules can be found here. The card generator can be found here. (Click on the "Options and Details" link to enter your postcode and generate your personalized cards)

The board is not yet available but can be seen on the presentation. The Facebook game will be available soon.

The Bump Game was developed by Philip Trippenbach, Ivo Gormley, Josh Pickett, Chris Thorpe, Tim Davies, Daniel Soltis and Isabell.

Ideas for taking this project forward

With NHS support this could be developed as a trial in selected GP surgeries or midwifery centres around the UK. Playtesting will be required to make sure the game is as fun as it can be while still conveying the right information.

Player acceptance testing will be another component of this trial.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Prototype, further game development, printing and distribution: between 15-25K

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