In essence: Oyster cards for art ...or... World of Warcraft for museums.

Young people don't immerse themselves in culture as much as they probably should. TAPCulture is a game connecting school pupils with real places, their peers, and their schools.

Here's how it works: You give out a bunch of swipe cards to a school, the kids touch in at cultural hotspots (galleries, museums, libraries etc) and score points. More points push you through levels, performing difficult patterns of activity win you awesome medals.

Social networking!! When you tap in somewhere, this could be posted to your news stream: "Jazzy Jeff just earned 100 points by tapping in at the British Museum", or "Billy Joel just completed the Tate London challenge, earning 300 points".

A key aim for us is to encourage students to self-organise to visit interesting places together with their friends, either ad-hoc, or as planned trips. Students could also compare their scores against their Facebook friends to see how they rate.

There is more: Teachers can suggest academically-relevant places to visit, giving feedback to dish out extra credit or gain more points. Inspiration for this was Tutpup's class codes (http://www.ncs-tech.org/?p=4377).

Ideas for taking this project forward

We need a school and some cultural venues to want to do this. There are no technical hurdles and this is not expensive to implement.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Around £40 (researching) per card reader. A computer + installed software to hook this up to the net is also needed.

Cards are 50p - £1 each. Or you can re-use the serial number on an Oyster card. Or, for total low-fi goodness, you can hide a code in the venue for the kids to SMS to a 5-digit number.

About the data used for this project

A list of cultural assets around the country, to allow kids to find places to go near their school. The assumption is that people live near their school and that they are not aware of the local cultural dim-sum.

We would like to expand this further with libraries and other cultural venues.

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