SocialLibrary combines existing Library location and catalog data with social media. To try and rejuvenate the Library system and bring back its audiences since Libraries have declined in usage over time.

In SocialLibrary, users can reserve books at their local Libraries, using location data to find their nearest ones, displaying it as a Google map, and find out which of their borrowed books are due. Users can get recommended books based on their borrow history, who they follow on Twitter and their Facebook intrests, via Facebook connect. Also on the homepage users can see what their Facebook Friends are reading and what books people are tweeting about.

Due to the poor search quality of local Library search engines, we have decided to use the tag system for our search function. Users can search keywords associated with books. Users can also add tags on the book profile page. Books can be rated on the smiley face system. Also using Facebook, books can be "liked" using the "like" function and who of your friends has liked this book. Books can be tweeted about using and hashtags and also recommended to other friends in site or by email.

Harry Rickards, Lawrence Job and Damon Hayhurst

Ideas for taking this project forward

To take it forwards we would need full cooperation from local Libraries and open catalog data. SocialLibrary would require a lot of time developing due to its ability to be a social media platform.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

About the data used for this project

  • Library Location Data
  • Library Catalog Data
  • Google Maps API
  • Facebook API (Facebook Connect)
  • Twitter API

Twitter: @yrsbrighton

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Young Rewired State 2010

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