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Social Shopping list is a mobile app for people who want to improve their shopping habits to be more economical or environment friendly.

App uploads the users shopping list to the web server in which list is automatically analyzed and improved version is returned.

(actually only simple mobile client is done as a hack no backend server is running for the actual shopping list improvement. The "improved" list that is downloaded from the web is currently always the same)

Ideas for taking this project forward

TODO features:

-Automatic detection of problem items in the shopping list. Also detection of over sized shopping list etc. -Personalization for different kind of user (family size, age, income, preferred consumption profile (green, eco, super consumer, etc.) -Phone can auto detect when user is on his local supermarket and alert the user with the "improved list“ -Calculate reduction of CO2 emission with "better list" -Auto import default shopping list from the credit card log -Facebook integration "User just managed to save 100e and 20kt of co2 by using Social Shopping list" -Add items to list by reading barcode -Humans write the rules that automatically enhance the shopping list on the server side (some kind social system where anyone can create rules how shopping list should be improved etc.) -Advertisement support. People who are shopping are perfect targets for advertisements.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

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