Nearest UKO centre by SMS (using Clickatell)


Many digitally excluded individuals have a mobile phone. The idea emerged of SMSing the local centre to someones [likely to be non-smart]phone.

We explored 3 API products to do this, although we later got Takyt working with its innovative pricing model, Clickatell was the easier and more established service to use.

There is still a strong usecase for this type of behaviour being included in UKO pages as a "send to my phone" feature.

Ideas for taking this project forward

Prefer Takyt approach for SMS interaction as more cost-effective to scale.

Potential to use on site as a Google Maps style "Send to my phone" feature.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Clickatell cost dependant on bulk buy - 400 SMS cost £15 Also, SMS short code for two way communications additional $100ish

Time-wise there appear to be resources for integrating Clickatell into site frameworks, such as Joomla which UKO uses;

About the data used for this project

Uses the improved UK Online centres API produced at the hackday;

SMS API provided by Clickatell.

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