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A mobile phone app for Android phones that tells you when you are in the vicinity of Europe's largest emitters of CO2. Since 2005 these carbon dinosaurs, which are responsible for over half of the EU's emissions, have been given legal caps on their emissions but the caps are too loose. Sandbag campaigns to raise awareness about this potentially powerful legislation and to put pressure on decision makers to tighten the caps.

Carbon Geiger screenshot

Carbon Geiger, a part of this wider project, is to carbon emissions what the Geiger counter is to radioactivity: it makes use of the latest technology and Google maps to let you know when you are in the vicinity of one of the giant emitters. We have lots of data on them - exactly how much they emit each year, who owns them, and how many pollution permits they have been given that allow them to carry on. We even know where they are buying any 'carbon offsets' from to meet their targets.

Carbon pollution isn't yet seen in the same light as radiation pollution but who knows one day it may be - and being able to track down who's responsible will be an important tool for civil society to demand action to stop this threat.

To see our existing data maps visit:

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Also see our blog post about the Rewired State hack at []( "Blog post about rewired state hack weekend")

Ideas for taking this project forward

The next step is to add the "geiger counter sound" when a large polluter is close. Also, touch-click onto polluter icons should open an popup window showing detailed information about this power plant or factory.

In terms of making the app more interactive, we are thinking about adding a facility that lets people email campaign against the overallocation of pollution permits for those polluters that have been given too many permits. A click from the Geiger Counter could fire off an email to the account representative of that polluter (we have this data for all installations registered in the emissions trading system) and also an EU representative in Brussels.

It would also be useful to have a correction facility built into the app that allows people to directly submit error corrections for location or company information.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

About the data used for this project

The data used is public data issued by the EU in the [EU CITL database]( "EU CITL database") for all 12,000 installations across 27 EU Member States. We then geocode these to get latitude and longitude data for each installation. We also research and add parent company ownership data.

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Rewired State: Carbon and Energy Hack Weekend

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