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A tool designed to help organise the rapid development of apps. Ideal for hack days, projects can be created, connected to GitHub commits and an EtherPad can be embedded for collaborative notes. Users can post status updates of the project, and milestones can be set against time.

To add to the pressure of deadline development, a timer, constantly counting down the hours, minutes and seconds remaining, sits in the top-right hand corner.

All projects by default sit in the unmarked "public" room, however (particularly-competitive) users can create a 'room' for projects which can only be accessed by a specific URL, which keeps their projects hidden from the main listing.

Created by Jordan Hatch and Josh Pickett

Ideas for taking this project forward

Currently, tags can be added for each project. I would like to connect these tags to the Data.gov.uk Catalogue API so that the tool can automatically suggest data feeds based upon these tags to kickstart development (e.g. 'nhs' tag would result in some NHS Feeds being suggested).

Another feature which may be tricky to implement, but would be very useful to teams, would be voice chat through the application. From experience making the app amongst others over the weekend, we would have found this very useful when working between different rooms (and not having to try and work The Guardian's teleconferencing system!).

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

As this project is aimed to be open-source so that it can be an attractive tool for developers, minimal funding would be required.

About the data used for this project

Currently not using any external data, but will be connecting the GitHub API alongside the Data.gov.uk Catalogue API.

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Twitter: @rapidhackr

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DotGovLabs Developer Weekend

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