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During pregnancy there are many forms to fill in, people to officially tell, and things to apply for, not only for Mum, but Dad too, not to mention for an employer of a woman about to go on maternity leave (or a Dad on paternity leave).

Pregnancy Helper provides the traditional foetal development information alongside personalised information and direct links to resources (and forms where available) meaning the parent or employer does not need to search any further. Not only is the information tailored to whether you are a Mum / Dad / Employer it's also shown to you only when relevant at that point in your pregnancy and also tailored to your postcode area. Links to local GPs, hospitals and maternity services, along with other childcare resources (like Sure Start) all delivered on one page.

Ideas for taking this project forward

  • Tasks which need to be completed by a certain point of the pregnancy are highlighted (and can be 'ticked off' when complete).
  • Reminders and alerts can be sent via email or SMS.
  • View full date ordered 'to do' list of all time critical tasks.
  • Use some of the key info to send direct to Twitter / Facebook.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

£1000 - £5000

About the data used for this project

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