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A service that links your interests to what's happening in Parliament.

Similar to a dating service but it matches your interests and likes are matched to what's going on in Parliament. You choose which data set to use for instance your Facebook interests or Twitter feed etc.

Then you are kept up to date with anything happening in Parliament that might interest you.

See: http://www.timbrooke.phpwebhosting.com/rsparly/

Ideas for taking this project forward

Intergrate the service with facebook and twitter so that we are able to pull users indterests and match them with what's going on in Parliament. Add additional feeds for instance: amazon wishlist, netflix, etc.

Improve the list of things you can do as a result of learning about what you are interested that is going on in Parliament.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

5 people x 1 month = £30k

About the data used for this project

parliament.uk theyworkforyou.com dev.facebook.com dev.twitter.com writetothem.com tweetminster.co.uk/

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