OpenRota - Inclusive Community Scheduling System


A community/voluntary sector rota system designed for those without access to computers or posh phones. Whilst admin, configuration and user management require web access (reasonable enough) day-to-day use of the system can be achieved entirely via SMS.

By building on standard APIs, implemented in Ruby on Rails (and also utilising PHP, MySQL, Apache and Linux) the architecture is completely pluggable and provided modules are developed to use the standard API set the interface possibilities are endless!

Ideas for taking this project forward

Clean up the code, gain possible exposure via dotgovlabs.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

A few weeks of the developers time, some robust hosting, a commercial SMS gateway. Majority of costs would be publicity during startup.

About the data used for this project

The data is for demo purposes only. No prerequisite data required for the solution.

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Twitter: @alextoft

Created at

DotGovLabs Developer Weekend

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