NHS Absence Authorisation System (Tools for Schools)


In todays situation when a student gets an appointment they get a note from the doctors to take to school to prove that they have a doctors appointment. My small app would fix this issue by making the whole process electronic and fast. The student would simply ask for a A.A.S code when making the appointment and then just get the code and call up there school and give them the code. The school access a website and put the code in and get the information such as when the appointment is and how long it is for along with the students Name and Date of birth.

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Build the actual script with a backend and make it scalable.

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http://yr.codecanopy.com/NHSAPP/gp.html - http://yr.codecanopy.com/NHSAPP/school.html

Twitter: @sufianhassan

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DotGovLabs Developer Weekend

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