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Last year MP Grant Shapps made a Freedom of Information request (FOI) to all the primary care trusts (PCT) in the UK, asking them for the criteria which they judge IVF applicants against. This data has been made publically available on the Guardian website., is a prototype to help couples who are starting to think about IVF treatment. It will let you quickly understand how you compare against the data set on the Guardian site. will also give the user a better understanding of how changing their lifestyle will change their chances of receiving IVF treatment.

The interface is simple, there is a form and a table of PCTs. When you fill in your details the table will update to show you if you match each PCT's selection criteria. It doesn't tell you if you will definitely get treatment, but it does tell you if you definitely won't, and the interface will show you what changes you can make to increase your options of treatment.

Distance and the number of IVF cycles are important issues around choosing the best option.

The interface has two modes: table and infographic. Clicking on the 'map' tab will replace the table with a map of the UK showing all the PCTs in relation to the users postcode.

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