Mum’s Aid Kit


A mobile widget app to simplify life during pregnancy.

The NHS provides rich information around the topic of pregnancy. We decided to add mobility and social network interaction to provide pregnant women with

  1. independence of movement - a mobile is always with you wherever you are
  2. easy access to critical information - nearest hospital / pharmacy (click-to-call and directions)
  3. simplified engagement with the GP - reminders of upcoming visits with rescheduling
  4. personalised & relevant information - news feed populated by friends, family, dedicated NHS GPs

Ideas for taking this project forward

If NHS could provide NHS Twitter Feed(s) on the topics today provided via RSS Syndication / Web Services, this would allow for better social network integration.

Access to sex, age, location with user consent would allow for more personalised service.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

The current version already works on Vodafone360 devices likes the Samsung H1/M1, Nokia Series 60 etc. It would require an approximate effort

  1. 5 days of design
  2. 10 days if implementation
  3. 5 days of testing on several devices

to fully implement the functionality exposed by the user interface.

About the data used for this project

The app uses NHS Choices Web Services as well as Twitter Integration.

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