MPwatch: Grafie


A two part (originally Kindle-optimised) project for keeping MPs informed. While one part focuses on what other MPs are saying, this part focuses on what the general public have said.

Ideas for taking this project forward

IF we can one day get this finished, we would like this to actually be used. We may add the feature of saving content for offline consumption as we are unaware of the signal strength in the Chamber.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Our costs would be nothing, but time. The cost for the end user would ideally be that of a kindle, but is realistically the cost of any internet-connected device.

About the data used for this project

We used Twitter's search API to filter through every tweet containing current government events and terminology. We also then grouped those results in to positive and negative attitudes, and from that created a database. We can use this to pull results using algorithms.

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Twitter: @@alexerax @@phazonoverload

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Rewired State: Parliament

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