SXSW is a big and confusing conference. There are tons of people to meet, tons of great conversations to be had, but where do you start?

Metcha is a mobile app that helps keep track of the people you want to meet at conferences and events.

Let\'s make some serendipity happen:

  • Add an event you\'re going to
  • Browse who\'s also going by tag, keyword...
  • Read their profiles on various sites in one place
  • Favourite them as \'people to look out for\'
  • Find them at the event by their photo
  • Save info on where and when you met
  • Get in touch after the event, even without a business card

*** Just to make it clear ***

I did some of this app ahead of the hack day but shelved it because it got too hard without a good data source for events information.

Then out of nowhere, Lanyrd released their beta SXSW API. Yay!

The demo shows the hack day event, but it could be any event that is on Lanyrd

Ideas for taking this project forward

Get it to list all the SXSW sub-events, so you can see who is attending the same stuff as you and look out for them.

At the moment this only works with data, but wouldn\'t it be great to be able to grab data from Facebook, Linkedin, Meetup, Upcoming, etc.?

As part of the app I\'ve written a generic event scraper that I could probably open source - in fact it could be a lovely way of scraping anything...

And it would be great to try it out at SXSW!

Release the app as a compiled app in the iphone store?

Make a normal web version too?

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

£5000 to get this out as an app in the iphone and android stores as a polished application?

About the data used for this project provided API access, but in the end I\'ve combined that with a scraper. I hope to eventually only use their API rather than this workaround. The API is lovely, but it\'s missing some of the stuff that I wanted, and required too many HTTP calls for Heroku to work well.

Google Open Graph information - it pulls in profiles of people from around the web.

Twitter username and avatars.

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Twitter: @stef

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Rewired State and the Guardian SXSW Hack Day

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