Map What You Like - time-series mapping


A tool to easily create animated maps based on data published by administrative areas (Boroughs, Wards etc) and time-series data.

A url to the .csv of the data is provided, and this is loaded and parsed, looking for likely geographic identifiers and likely time-series data. If successful, it\'s mapped using Ordnance Survey mapping API using their administrative regions.

It was intended that anyone could use it easily, so it\'s (almost) all written in javascript and happens on the client. Yahoo Query Language (YQL) is used to get the data, some javascript parses it, and Ordnance Survey mapping used to render.

In particular, the intention is that a charity could easily generate maps of their data (e.g. \'number of people helped into work\') with underlying trends (local unemployment rate) as a way to visualise their work and impact.

If dates are detected, a play button is available that will cycle through the data series rendering it on the map.

Ideas for taking this project forward

  1. Allowing two maps to be displayed side-by-side from two different data sets (and played simultaneously).

  2. A hosted version that allows you to POST a csv file (without caching) to the service and map it.

  3. Lots of testing of data parsers to recognise the data. Investigate parsing the actual data, not just headers, for what it is.

  4. Put it online.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

About the data used for this project

Twitter: @lamplightdb

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National Hack the Government Day 2011

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