Map interface for Hospital & Registry office APIs


Simple search box and map display for finding your nearest registry offices and hospitals

Give it a try!:

This was a quick hack Harry Wood did, building a user interface on top of the APIs created by Richard Boulton for finding the nearest registry offices and the nearest hospitals.

The map used is OpenStreetMap rendered in a 'Pale Dawn' style by CloudMade. The JavaScript library used is Web Maps Lite, also from CloudMade.

Ideas for taking this project forward

Not much further to take this simple idea, but obviously advancements in the API, or new types of searches could lead to more functionality.

Could switch it to use an open source JavaScript library called OpenLayers instead of Web Maps Lite. Even better might be to use 'Mapstraction'

The interface doesn't give an option for how many results to display as markers (a parameter available in the API) but that's actually a deliberate simplification to avoid cluttering the UI.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

About the data used for this project

Richard Boulton did the heavy work of straightening out awkward data from government sites and providing it as an API giving beautiful clean JSON responses. That's what we like!

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National Hack The Government Day 2010

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