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A mobile application designed to keep both MPs and the everyday man informed as to the bills going through Parliament.

Users are able to vote within the app on particular bills and show their MP their preferences, whilst MPs can use this feedback in deciding which way to vote.

A great function is the ability to hear in realtime when a division bell rings for a bill you're interested in, acting as the starting gun for MPs the 8 minute sprint to get to Parliament in time to vote!

After a vote, an MP can use the app to explain their voting decision to their constituents.

Little Ben is a great way for everyday citizens to keep track how much their MP listens to their votes, and to stay aware of bills that would affect them that are going through the Houses on the way to receiving Royal Ascent.

Ideas for taking this project forward

We want to put this app into formal parliamentary channels, placing it in the hands of every MP with a smart phone. This would enable a powerful connection between MPs and their constituents like never before whilst enabling the man on the street to keep in touch with the changing bills of Parliament in realtime as he hears the same division bell as an MP.

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About the data used for this project

We are using data on MPs & Bills. Its been scraped and we would love to get a hold of it in a more organised form yes.

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