Legends of Paternity


Legends of Paternity is a fun iPhone game designed to help young fathers & potential fathers think about their paternity rights and get them thinking about the issues - all wrapped up in a fun-to-play arcade blaster!

As a new dad myself I found that the current paternity information from government & employers took some understanding, and that there was sometimes a stigma around taking their paternity leave. In addition, I wanted to make something which could appeal to people outside of the usual middle-class, literate focus of many typical IT projects. So after a bit of thought, I decided to combine an action game with a light quiz. Then I threw in a healthy dose of dinosaurs. The result was - Legends of Paternity.

The plot of the game is this: Dinosaurs have taken over and the only things standing between them and the Earth's destruction is the souped-up supercar , the player and their paternal know-how.






The game gently guides the player to the correct answers, even if they don't have any previous knowledge and gives them a broad outline of their rights in UK law. Using this informal 'spoonful of sugar' approach will hopefully guide them to learn more about the subject themselves.

Legends of Paternity was developed by Jim Pritchett / Flying Saucer Software. Original graphics by Leo Hartas.

If anyone would like a copy of the game to play on their iPhone please contact me at jerpritchett@gmail.com

Ideas for taking this project forward

I would like to work with an educational expert to refine the focus & approach of the game for maximum engagement with the target audience.

Another 4 weeks work would see the game finished with extra questions, bonus levels and some more dinosaurs and ready to be sold or given away in the app store. Stick on another 2 weeks for iPad version.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Education consulting - I would estimate £1000 to flesh out the questions and build in some more quizzes & information for young dads.

4 weeks further game development - £6000.

About the data used for this project

Directgov information on paternity leave, some very useful hints & input from the NHS choices team as well.

Twitter: @_FlyingSaucer_

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