iWanted App - iPhone App (based on iWanted web app)


The iWanted app is an iPhone application with which you can take photos of people whom you believe to be law-breakers-at-large, based on a collection of images shown to you within the app, which are provided by the data on the web version of iWanted. Once a photo has been taken, it can be automatically sent to the correct email address (Metropolitan Police?). This application is currently only a concept, although it could very well be developed in the future, if its web counterpart is created.

Follow the URL below to see mockup images of the iWanted app.

Ideas for taking this project forward

This app can only be created if its counterpart is first.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Probably nothing, as long as the data is freely available.

About the data used for this project

If this app is created, its data will be provided by its web counterpart.

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Young Rewired State 2010

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