Investd is a system for finding the best MPs to lobby about your chosen topic. By searching through the database of Early Day Motions, and selecting from the list of MPs who signed the motion, we end up with a set of MPs who should be interested in what your talking about.

Allows you to enter a search term and optional topic area. Returns list of EDMs and signatories with links to biographies. Send email at bottom of page.

Ideas for taking this project forward

The emailing system could be improved to make it neater, nicer emails etc.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Couple of hours of a programmers time.

About the data used for this project

Data comes from APIs.

The two APIs have a lot of very useful data, but it's very badly formed, and very hard to connect the two.

The namespaces on some of the member API are URNs - impossible to find. The ID fields are completely different between the two APIs

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Twitter: @SMLittley

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