Interact (Your Opinion matters)


Interact is a self sustaining, Nature friendly framework which opens a communication channel between the government/Operators and the people to get their opinions when it is actually needed using their mobiles in their pockets.
This framework is open for a lot of things like government surveys, Feedbacks to various organizations and could be used for both fun and business.The data generated by these is easy to interpret and search. As all the opinions are submitted using SMS it is easy to ensure the uniqueness and security of the data

Ideas for taking this project forward

As it is a framework it requires a push from the operators and the government but once it is out it could be used to any extent where the user interactions is required and should be able to sustain by itself by various advertising models used inside.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Have not thought about it yet

About the data used for this project

Data using Bluevia SMS's API. The API's are easy to use and could be easily extended

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