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We take one-word good/bad reviews of gigs as they happen and turn them into the best festival backchannel and live schedule ever. Never miss the best gig of the week again; never be stuck in a dull session wondering if there's something better going on.

We have a live now/next/near schedule that show's you who is playing and where, but also shows you what people think of the act.

It's the mood of the festival, the best and worst of the week, what's on where and when, all in your pocket.

Ideas for taking this project forward

Our now/next/near recommendations are just based on overall scores at present. But we can do much more: based on the acts you've enjoyed so far, we can begin to suggest other acts you won't want to miss. Now go in confidence to the bands you've never heard of, and get the best out of the festival.

Plus, with the data we get from reviews, there are some exciting visualisations -- imagine a live festival map, with venues changing colour depending how good the acts are. One stage goes greener and greener as the gig gets better, another goes a deep red as the band tanks. Which stage will you go to next?

We can also link these maps into other services. Watching Glastonbury from home and seeing the Pyramid Stage going green? Click to listen to the band on Spotify, read reviews from the Guardian or save to a list to watch the event later on iPlayer.

The words we gather are the key part of the data. What's the one word that sums up sxsw? What's the one phrase that captures the experience of the headline act? We expose the backchannel insights that tell the true story of an event.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Minimal -- development time and then costs to build relationships with festivals and events.

About the data used for this project

Twitter: @bonaldi

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Rewired State and the Guardian SXSW Hack Day

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