How’s My Town


A brutally honest postcode rating system with ultimate snob value

UPDATE How's my town will be live again in around 3 days (It would be done sooner but Im researching how to build a new app for dotgovlabs) (until the full app is available the postcodes 'sw1' and 'e15' are available as an example of how the app works)

Ideas for taking this project forward

The app is currently only in a basic London beta however this is not because of a lack of data or resources, its because of a simple lack of time. This idea could easily be brought forward and expanded massively within another couple of hours.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

I honestly have no idea however I would estimate <£1000

About the data used for this project

The data used in the presentation was scraped from various different locations but all of the data is definitely there, It just takes a while to get hold of. This project could expand unimaginably fast if the data (which government definitely has) was released in an easily usable format

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Twitter: @@LordJawsh (creator username)

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Rewired State: Justice and Home Affairs

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