Where are the police helicopters?

Application that uses the 'Merseyside Police Helicopter Incidents' to map where police helicopters have been and display a route on a map using a helicopter icon that translates between points on the map.

Forget pie charts

boring representation

Use Google Maps?

potentially boring representation

Use Google Maps, some funky experimental Google Maps API tools + possibly CSS 3?

a buggy yet unique representation!

Continue to "recycle" data without MS Excel!

Ideas for taking this project forward

Finalise it, get data for more areas in the UK. Wonder how it would work in IE.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

~£100 ~£500 development time

About the data used for this project

Merseyside Police Helicopter Incidents - which had to be scraped so impossible for one without scraping ability to get the data

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Twitter: @stemount

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Rewired State: Justice and Home Affairs

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