Happy Birthday Mr President


Get your MP a nice gift for their special day. This site uses the TheyWorkForYou API to get MP birthday info (and scrapes wikipedia for this too), then suggests some gift ideas using The Guardian’s MP expense claims data.

Ideas for taking this project forward

  • Add some iCal / google calendar integration
  • Make it look beautiful. My plan for the weekend was to make something beautiful with the d3.js javascript library.
  • Allow the user to send a nice birthday message to their MP

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

About the data used for this project

Found some weirdness in the TheyWorkForYou data… e.g. Maria Miller MP claims on her website to be born on 23rd March 1949. TWFY data claims 26th March 1964 (so 15 years earlier). There are a couple of other examples of this sort of thing.

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