Typing on an iphone. The presentation linked below is much more interesting, and less prone to grammar-related DISASTERS.

An effort to enable truly mobile, truly live journalism.

Consists of a liveblogging architecture, made efficient by sockets/push notifications and HTML5 technologies.

Content displayed just like, but in smaller segments. This makes content live, yet compelling/immersive, and ultimately of a higher standard than a basic liveblog.

The app distributed to authorised journalists is an iPhone app capable of up to 5 minutes recording of video/sound (or rolling), photo-taking and \'headlines\' (tweets, in short).

Code to follow.

Presentation: http//

Ideas for taking this project forward

Polish off and give it to journalists for a test-run. Would be cool to get it ready for SXSW, if anyones interested in helping.

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Twitter: @lawrencejob

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Rewired State and the Guardian SXSW Hack Day

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