Power data is reported real-time online for many government departments, including BIS, DCMS, HRMC and Home Office. The problem is that all data is held on separate pages within CarbonCulture and is hard to compare.

GovSpark solves that! GovSpark compares energy usage across government departments in one single website.

Made by Isabell Long.

Ideas for taking this project forward

To take this project forward, it could use live data instead of static historical data and have interactive graphs. I would like this project to house the energy data of every central government department instead of the five that it has now, but that wasn't possible this week because I couldn't find all the data.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

About the data used for this project

I used the historical .csv data available on and CarbonCulture. Some of it was badly formatted (commas and extra spaces, not just commas, for example) so that had to be fixed. The data was very useful and above all very interesting!

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