Government Art Collection Explorer


It's an iPad app prototype made on a custom API built out of data provided by the Government Art Collection which allows you to browse through the wonderful and often hidden works we all collectively own.

It was built on the emulator and needs a tiny bit of tidying up to make it really feel nice on the device itself, but as a proof of concept I think it works. Would make a lovely coffee table experience for engaging with the GAC and the underlying API and high quality images could make for all sorts of other lovely ways of exploring and interacting with national treasures we rarely get to see.

Ideas for taking this project forward

The Government Art Collection need to make the high resolution images available and come up with a way of allowing programmatic access to their collection. I'm happy to help and volunteer.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

I'll happily work for free with the Government Art Collection to make the app available if they'll provide high resolution images of the artworks which are available for use under a Creative Commons license, cc by-nc-sa would be the ideal one.

About the data used for this project

I used a set of SQL dumps of the Government Art Collection website to build a datastore (unpleasant experience) and then built an API on top of it.

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