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Gimmie 5 is a web and android app. Its purpose is to show the user, who is about to choose their GCSE's, their chance in receiving a pass grade (A*-C) in that subject. It uses Countrywide data from

The android app allows you to choose 5 subjects. Each subject has its pass percentage as well as the total pass percentage for all 5 subjects.

The web app allows you to choose as many as you want. It has a graphical representation as to the amount of passes and fails there are. It is also iPhone - iPad - iPod Touch and Android Compatible as it has different CSS stylesheets for each it also has a mobile device detection on it.

The Pics for it are here: If you want anything such as the APK E-Mail

Ideas for taking this project forward

Extra Features: - Search by Location - Use current location for data - Better UI - Bring forward on the iOS platform - Launch on Android Market - Gotme 5 a application to search past GCSE results to see what you would have got - Select Year (Eg: 1999|2000|2001|2002...)

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

I'll do it for free, as long as I'm provided with school specific GCSE data which we even know now is readily available on BBC but we would like it in a usable format or both the iOS and Android (TinyWebDB) platform. Also we'd like it as far back as possible for the Gotme 5 application.

About the data used for this project

Data:- *Pass percentages for boys, girls and totals, in each subject. Comments:- We were not happy with the developer agreement for the iOS4 platform so we thought it would be more useful as a web app for the iOS platform if that would be a viable alternative.

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