Mark your article up with music from Spotify that would go well with it, and have Gazify track the reader's gaze on your article and play back different music for every paragraph on it.

Use cases:

  • Set music to your music review article. No need for "play" buttons, or links to Spotify; merely the act of reading about the early years of the artist's career will play back music from that era.
  • Set the mood for your piece. Cross-fade between Brian Eno and marching music.
  • Crowd-source suitable background music for an entire book.

Great many thanks to the open source project OpenGazer.

Hacked together by Spotify developers Johan Björk, Joachim Bengtsson and Felix Bruns.

Ideas for taking this project forward

  • If you make the Spotify desktop client able to play back links without bringing the app to the foreground, half of this project can be written in pure javascript and embedded on any page without plugins. Gaze can be inferred from scroll position and cursor position.
  • Write a separate web browser plugin for gaze tracking alone, and add optional support for it in the above javascript

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

A few weekends of hacking

About the data used for this project

  • We looked for the HTML tag attribute 'gazemusic' in whatever page was loaded.
  • Used libspotify for playback.
  • Used FireBreath for making the browser plugin

Project URL:

Twitter: @nevyn

Created at

Rewired State and the Guardian SXSW Hack Day

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