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free the theory does two things.

  1. Lets learner car drivers take unlimited, free, practice theory tests. This isn't possible anywhere else online - you have to pay.

  2. Makes the full set of driving theory test questions freely available in structured form, so that other people can build useful things with them too.

The site is really simple to use - just click to start a practice test. At the end, see if you passed, and review the questions you got wrong.

Our aim is to make it easier to practise the theory test - so it's easier to learn how to be safe on the roads.

What's wrong with the theory test as it is now?

Basically, it's too expensive and difficult to practice the test. We think some drivers end up being less safe and knowledgeable as a result.

The questions used in the test are public, but heavily copyrighted. To read them, you need DVLA's official materials. These are not cheap (£11.99 for the question book, £6.99 for the practice test website) or easy to use. The questions change often, so library and second-hand copies of the book go out of date fast.

We know from our own experience that as a result, many people don't bother buying the books, and try to wing the test.

Worryingly, some do succeed - so some drivers out there are less safe than they should be.

This might seem like a minor problem, but it's not: 1.6 million people take the driving theory test each year, mostly young people.

Why have you done this?

  1. First and foremost, we want to make everyone safer on the roads. We want to make it really simple and easy to practise, which it isn't with the official materials.

  2. We want to give experienced drivers (as well as learners) an incentive to revise - not a financial disincentive.

  3. We want to add features that aren't available with the official materials, like support for different languages, letting users annotate questions, or mobile versions of the site.

  4. We want other people to use the questions to build things we haven't even thought of yet!

Where did you get the questions? How can you publish them if they're copyright?

We found them on the internet. We broke the copyright in order to create the demo, and show how much better it would be if the questions were freely available.

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