Fluffbox is a tool designed to help journalists gather interesting information (The Fluff) - found anywhere on the web - and file it all into one searchable place for review later (The Box).

This box then lets you drag and drop the pictures, tweets, links, audio, etc, into a document that renders them all in lovely, clean html that can be pasted in to a content management system.

There are also tools to help make writing HTML easier for journalists. Markdown is used for quick formatting and shortcuts like auto linking @names to twitter make repetitive tasks quicker.

Ideas for taking this project forward

Better technical workings and more ways of adding Fluffs are the next stages.

There are many features that we can think of adding but getting someone using it would be a great start. There is an alpha planned to launch soon.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

Unknown at the moment. A few weeks work to make it really nice. I'd be happy to talk about funding to anyone interested though!

About the data used for this project

This tool is all about journalists gathering their own data, rather than being provided data to work with, however various popular APIs were used (twitter, flickr, etc).

Twitter: @symroe @premasagar

Created at

Rewired State and the Guardian SXSW Hack Day

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