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Like FixMyStreet for websites, or like GetSatisfaction for the UK Government online.

If you want to report an issue about the over 7000 government websites you have to do it per site. All of the sites do their own thing, which might be a nice contact form, maybe an email address or in some cases a postal address hidden on a page that’s not linked to from anywhere.

The solution was pretty simple – a centralised issue reporting and navigation tool. So you go along to the site you have an issue with and hit a bookmarklet (or a badge on the site if the site in question have been nice enough to add one). You fill in a very simple form which appears before your eyes and everything is tracked on a nice shiny website.

The advantage of all that is transparency. You can see which sites people have issue with, and also ideally which issues get addressed or at least acknowledged by the support staff for the site in question.

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