FixMyHospital makes it easy to report problems in hospitals.

When you spot a specific, fixable problem in a hospital, you can search for it on this site and submit a report. The report can include a picture of the problem if you have one. The report gets published on the web, where other people can view it and leave comments.

More importantly, it also gets emailed to the hospital, so that they can fix the problem -- and when it's fixed, they can flag the problem as solved.

Ideas for taking this project forward

The project would need a fair bit of work to make it production-ready, including:

  • The ability for people to add email addresses to hospitals that don't have one listed on NHS Choices

  • An interface for hospitals to mark problems as fixed

  • (trivial) actually send the email to the hospital

  • Input validation and escaping (there's currently none)

  • Make it prettier

  • More things, probably

Estimated costs for taking this project forward


About the data used for this project

This project uses the NHS Choices API to find hospitals.

Though the API is rather limited, so we gathered all the raw data using ScraperWiki, and are now using that to power the lookup.

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