Edinburgh Festival Guide


A beginning on making a social mobile guide to the Edinburgh Festival using their new API. The opening screen of the app displays a graph showing the cadence of the festival, something I always feel is missing on websites of festivals, showing the mix of events on specific days.

Ideas for taking this project forward

The app needs a social layer and much more interface work. Integration with Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook. It could also do with more imagery, the images aren't in the API.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

£10-15k would produce a very polished product, £5k would produce a fully fledged proof of concept.

About the data used for this project


Very good data. Could be improved with more GEO information and it's lacking images. Would be easier to get tinkering with if you could see the returns easily in your browser without hackery.

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Blog post coming soon

Twitter: @jaggeree

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HP webOS Developer Event

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