Digital Champions


Digital Champions is a way of being able to link local people directly to skilled volunteers in their local area. It's very simple for new computer users to navigate, and helps them to get in touch with the ideal person based on what the user needs the champion to help them with, and what the champions are willing to help users with.

Currently, champions can sign up through the site based on the city which they are in. Users can browse based on their city and choose to get in touch with a champion through a contact form on the champion's profile. The user can also leave a telephone number in case they do not currently have internet access.

Champions can fill out basic profile information such as a description, and can select the checkboxes of the things which they can help users with (e.g. setting up the internet, showing the user how to keep in touch with friends and family online, etc.)

Created by Jordan Hatch

Ideas for taking this project forward

I would like to add a rating/reputation system to the application so that, when a user has been helped by a champion, they can vouch for them as being helpful, therefore adding a layer of security and assurance to prospective new users about a particular champion.

Estimated costs for taking this project forward

I think that continued development of this application would require a small investment for development costs and, as this would have to be hosted by Government or an organisation like UK Online Centres, there would inevitably be hosting costs too.

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DotGovLabs Developer Weekend

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