Data Visualisations for Rewired State


Three data visualisations created using Tableau for Rewired State : Culture.

  1. Rewired State - DCFS Events Data.twbx Pling data set contains the first 1,000 rows of event data for 27 Mar 2010 and shows which provider per region is organising events. This is a sample data set and does not show data for all regions or providers.

  2. Rewired State - DCMS Attractions data.twbx DCMS data set contains UK attractions visualised on a regional basis showing the award status of each attraction. This shows that even data sets not rich with measures can be presented in a visually appealing fashion.

  3. Rewired State - Visit Britain Visitor Spending.twbx Visit Britain data set contains visitor spend and visit information showing year and purpose of visit. This contains several separate worksheets, together with a fully interactive dashboard, ideal for public data exploration. The workbook has been published on Tableau Public, and a link is available for embedding into a website.

Ideas for taking this project forward

These show an evolution from basics to a fully interactive dashboard. Any of these can be used as a start point for further exploration and analysis.

Any row-and-column data set can be used, from CSV, Excel, Access, through MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 and several OLAP databases.

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